Why Should You Choose a Cloud Based CRM

When talking about customer relationship management, crm software solutions have paved a way for a whole new, easier and better way of doing things. Similarly, cloud based crm solutions have made many changes and improvements.

When you have software and all of your data in the cloud, many things change. Companies with these kinds of systems have many conveniences which allow them to perform their tasks in a better way. The same rule applies for crm software as well.

Overall, the introduction of cloud systems has made them better. Businesses will get more benefits out of them. Here is why you should go with cloud solutions instead of traditional, on-premise software.

More flexibility

A cloud software gives more flexibility in everything. First of all, users can login to the software from wherever they like. The only thing they need is an internet connection and they’re good to go. Additionally, they can access their crm through a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

This makes it easy for users to hop in quickly while on the go. Sometimes, people need to make quick changes while away from work. This gives them the option to make those changes instantly so that they don’t have to wait until they get to work and possibly forget about what they wanted to do the next day.

These kinds of systems offer flexibility with pricing as well. There are different packages available where users can have different features or levels of access. Additionally, the number of users can be changed quickly and a business can always adjust their package towards their current needs.

Easy setup

Unlike with traditional on-site software deployment, when a business acquires a cloud based crm, there is no need for installing the software on all devices and spending time setting it up. Companies don’t have to waste time or money on hiring IT experts that can set up their crm.

Cloud solutions are instantly set up. Customers simply create their profiles and use login credentials to gain access to their new crm; nice and easy. A company can start using their software as soon as they’ve make their payment without having to wait for anything.

The software is already hosted in the cloud and the only things keeping anyone from accessing it are a username and a password.

Updates and upgrades in real-time

Getting business software means that it will become updated at some point. Software is always improved and there are many changes, updates and fixes that come often for the purpose of improving functionalities, improving the user experience and adding more security.

Instead of having to get a brand new version and install it, real-time upgrades and updates let users have access to the latest software at all times. The fixes and updates are done automatically when a user connects to the software; simple as that.

Users don’t have to do anything and, at the same time, they will always be able to use up to date versions of their software. This is especially beneficial for security fixes, as today, there are constant new threats and vendors apply new security measures to protect their customers.

Better security

First of all, given the fact that vendors host their solutions in the cloud, it means that they have their own servers which are maintained by experts. Instead of every business having to make sure that their crm is secure, as well as all of the data in it, the vendor takes care of this for them.

First of all, they know their software better than anyone else. They know all its weaknesses, upsides and downsides and they can create a security layer that will be effective. Additionally, they are in charge of making the necessary patches and fixes that further improve security.

On top of that, their servers provide great reliability to users and they can rest assured that their data will always be safe and never get lost because of an error or a bug. Even if this happens, reliable vendors offer backup servers through which information can be restored quickly.

Cloud based crm solutions are the future. Every business that wants to keep up with technology solutions that can improve their overall productivity should look to invest in similar crm systems and other cloud based programs.