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4 Ways the CRM Process Improves Your Business

Utilizing the cutting edge technologies and software has become a necessity in today’s modern approach to the CRM process. As the customer demands keep growing, using new technologies to streamline the CRM process has become vital to the success of every business model.


Today we are going to talk about the benefits of the CRM process, as it is the only process that directly affects the customer experience and business efficiency at the same time. Let’s see in what ways the efficient management of the CRM process can improve your business.

What is a CRM Process?

The customer relationship management process includes all efforts made towards building and sustaining better relationships with customers. It’s important to note that this entire process does consist of direct actions, but it also includes a lot of interdepartmental collaboration and “paper” work as well.


Which departments are involved in the CRM process? There are several departments that play a vital role in the success of these efforts in an organization – marketing, service, and sales departments.


Each one of these departments can help the other two while playing an active role in the process and benefiting from the information that is shared through the software. Before we go through these benefits, you can check the CRM process specifics by visiting bpmonline.com/crm/what-is-crm-processes.

Instant Access to Customer Database

Thanks to the central feature of CRM systems, customer database record, all the departments can reap instant benefits. This feature is also the key to efficient CRM process management. It allows organizations to store all kinds of information about their customers, including personal information, interaction history, previous purchases, and their preferred channel of communication.


This feature directly benefits all the departments mentioned above. The marketing department can use the segmentation analysis, trends analysis, and sales patterns to custom-tailor the marketing campaigns for each of the identified segments.

People working in service department can instantly access the database to learn as much as possible about the client in need. Sales representatives can review the previous purchasing behavior to create an irresistible offer for each customer individually.


The instant access to the customer database is made possible by searchability and cloud technologies. This means that companies that choose to go with a cloud-based CRM system will enable their workforce to access the information on the go and from whatever device.


The searchability removes the need for browsing and skimming through the database and enables workers to instantly find a case, contract or person.

Streamlined Collaboration

Collaboration is the bread and butter of a successful CRM process. To enable it, CRM software vendors have integrated numerous solutions into their platforms. One of those is Enterprise Social Network, which directly connects all employees on just one platform. This network can be used for sharing important news, but for communication as well.


There is also the benefit of having an integrated knowledge base in the CRM system. Employees can now capture and share very important information, such as best practices, with their colleagues in an instant. This information can be used to craft beautiful FAQ pages for both employees and customers in distress.


Collaboration with customers is also something that is enabled by this system. CRM platforms integrate numerous channels of communication under one roof. This includes direct calls, online chat, email, and other. For everyone’s convenience, all the interactions, regardless of their type, are tracked, recorded, and stored for future reference.


Automation is of great help when it comes to managing the CRM process. Why? Because this process incorporates dozens of repetitive and boring tasks. These tasks will not only take a toll on your company’s efficiency and productivity, but they also present a risk for errors.


Modern CRM systems are made to be intelligent. While you will still have the power to pick which of the tasks you want to automate, the system is smart enough to recognize the repetitive tasks and offer you the option to digitize and automate them.

Business Process Management

Last but not least, we come to business process management – a feature found in the BPM-oriented CRM solutions. Since every business is unique, this feature will come in handy to the companies that are looking to find new ways to model and optimize their processes effortlessly. These CRM systems come with an easy-to-use process editor and powerful analytics to help you become the master of BPM.



That’s about it. The CRM process improves your business in many ways, ranging from improved access to information to powerful automation. Things get even better when it is managed with software specifically developed for this purpose.