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BPM Software 101: 3 Best Options to Consider

The business software market is flooded with BPM software solutions coming from renowned and less renowned vendors. Quite often, picking the right one is not necessarily the same thing as picking the best one.

Since BPM software is going to take over some, if not all, of your core business processes, you have to choose smartly. To make the things easier for you, we have tested numerous BPM software tools. Let’s see how to pick one and what the best options are.

Choosing the Right BPM Software

You should only invest in a BPM platform if you have specific needs. Otherwise, it is a waste of money and resources. Some of the most obvious signs that you might need to invest in new business software are:
The old software has become obsolete and there are only a few active use cases.

  • Your data is spread all around the digital realm (emails, personal conversations, multiple cloud storages).
  • Process approvals are extending deadlines.
  • Paperwork has become a daunting task for everyone.

The right BPM software is one that you specifically choose based on your organization’s needs. This is why you have to establish your business goals and assess your needs before you go shopping. But there are some features in BPM platforms that are a must-have today.

These include: automation, easy-to-use tools for process execution and modeling, monitoring in real time, and advanced reporting and analytics. The following BPM platforms include all of them, and then some. Let’s see what your best options are.

Bpm’online BPM Software

Bpm’online is an experienced vendor in the field of the BPM software. Over the years, they have dedicated their work toward developing a complete BPM solution. A platform not only able to help businesses accelerate their day-to-day tasks, but optimize and improve them as well.

Since their platform is used by businesses in different industries, bpm’online delivers an out-of-the-box solution with the best industry practices in mind. Their users can immediately take advantage of business process templates that come as a built-in bonus of their platform.

The central feature of their platform is Dynamic Case Management. An intelligent feature which enables the users to take advantage of flexibility on the go. Although very advanced, this feature is easy to use, as it allows users to simply drag and drop process stages and edit process paths in real time.

Bpm’online users also have access to a dedicated mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, advanced security and administration tools, and deep platform configurations. You can test out this tool by clicking here.

Promapp Software

BPM software coming from the Promapp’s kitchen has found its place on our list thanks to its ease of use and knowledge sharing functionality. In fact, Promapp BPM software comes with knowledge base support. This is an excellent option for companies that deal with huge employee attrition. Thanks to this feature new employees will be able to catch up really fast so that efficiency and productivity don’t suffer.

We really liked the process approval feature. In fact, people who are responsible for process approval can get appropriate user roles in the Promapp BPM platform. They will be able to approve processes with just one click. The user interface is very intuitive and it makes the process awaiting approval pop out from the background.

The process editor is also made to be very easy to use. Users can become masters of process editing in minutes, since it doesn’t require any coding or previous technical experience. The progress and changes are tracked in real time, which users can review anytime they want.

If we had to sum up our experience in just one sentence, it would be the following – the workflow in Promapp is streamlined in an effortless fashion.


We’ve decided to include KiSSFLOW to this list because it comes with all the must-have features while still being simple and straightforward. Considered by many as a lightweight BPM software tool, KiSSFLOW is definitely more than that. It is cloud-based, the same as Promapp and bpm’online solutions, enabling the organizations to increase team mobility.

When compared to these two other options that we’ve mentioned, KiSSFLOW may be better in one instance. And that is if you want to use employees to map the workflow of your processes and create apps according to their and your business needs.

KiSSFLOW has an amazing business process editor, built-in notification system, and a reporting and analytics engine – in other words, everything an organization needs to be in full control of its processes. The dashboard can be customized to display only data relevant to a specific job position.

These are the three best BPM software options on the market that you should consider if you need to get a new or upgrade your obsolete legacy system. In the end, let us remind you to include as many stakeholders as possible in your purchasing decision, because they will be the ones who are going to use the software on a day-to-day basis.