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What Is Contact Management Software & Why Do You Need One?

What Is Contact Management Software & Why Do You Need One?

So many numbers, so little time. Many business professionals know how hard it is to keep track of their contacts. As their network of influence grows bigger, all those digital addresses can easily get lost in their smartphone directory. One entry more, and they need a proper contact management tool.

Here’s what it is and why you need one too.

What Exactly Is Contact Management Software?bpm'online Contact Management Software

Contact management software takes care of all pieces of information pertaining to both your private and professional network. In simpler terms, this tool is a phonebook, address list, and data manager in one convenient package, allowing you to organize your contacts and stay on top of every single entry.

Typically, a contact management software (CM) stores, organizes and automates:

  • All customer and client contact information, including phone numbers, addresses, and emails.
  • Associated sales rep contact information, along with their sales histories, quotes, and orders.

CMs are usually integrated and synced with calendar apps and email management solutions, enabling not only easy access to every important contact information but also automation of everyday tasks such are scheduling appointments, meeting and sales pitches, shipping orders and sending email blasts. They ensure transparency and provide a systematic approach to nurturing work relationships.

For more information on what cutting-edge CMs can do, check this website.

Are CRMs and CMs Interchangeable Solutions?

Customer relationship management software is a broader term than contact management software, though both of them can scale with your business and support a wide range of communication-related tasks. Being a standalone system, CM is better for managing contacts by individuals and smaller teams.

What Are the Benefits of Contact Management?

The best contact management software systems allow you to:

  • Store and manage phone numbers, addresses and emails.
  • Track all of your private and professional communication.
  • Nurture relationships by automating follow-up reminders.
  • Keep your contact lists tidy by organizing them in categories.

In sales, CMs separate contact information and crucial customer and client data from the jumble of all-inclusive CRM contact lists, thus allowing you easy, 24/7 access and keeping you on top of each contact, be it an ongoing dialogue with a big client or a former customer that must be contacted again.

Contact management software is a must-have solution for every busy individual who’s looking to grow their business network and stay in touch with their customers, clients, partners, and collaborators.